Here at TRP Consulting we are committed to delivering projects in a way which minimises environmental impact and optimises energy efficiency.

The practice also has a long-term commitment to sustainability for all who work in our business, our client base, suppliers and the wider community.

Promoting the responsible use of resources, economic well-being and a sustainable future is a key objective of everyone at TRP Consulting.

We promote the implementation of best practice, look to use sustainable products and procedures. Our continued aim is to reduce our impact on the environment.

And we will continue to encourage businesses and individuals that we work with to join with us in delivering that commitment to sustainability.

Quality and Environmental Management

Quality and Environmental Management

TRP Consulting achieves sustained, profitable growth by providing engineering consultancy services, which meet the needs and expectations of its clients.

The Practice operates effective quality and environmental management systems to ensure that engineering consultancy services meet with relevant standards and the specific requirements of the client.  The Quality Management System is ISO 9001:2015 approved. The Environmental Management System is ISO 14001:2015 approved.  Both systems are accredited by QMS International plc.

The Practice has developed management systems to cover all aspects of the business operations from administration to project delivery. Procedures are in place for the review and validation of designs on each project to ensure that key requirements of the brief have been incorporated and that designs are appropriate, economic and technically correct.

Similar procedures are also applied to report and advisory services and to the construction phase of projects to record areas of non-compliance and to monitor progress of remedial works.

The Directors are responsible for ensuring that their staff are aware of and understand this policy and that staff are provided with the resources and directives to undertake individual responsibility for achieving quality in each of their activities.

The Directors maintain and monitor the effectiveness of the systems and require the co-operation of all members of staff.