Barton Grange Garden Centre

Client: Barton Grange

Value: £13m

Work: Environmental/flood risk assessments. Civil and structural engineering

A £13m development constructed within a loop of the Lancaster Canal at Brock, north of Preston, provides a new garden centre, 100-berth marina, hotel, bar restaurant, chandlery and boat maintenance facilities. The development includes a new garden centre, 120 cover restaurant, 100-berth marina and boat support facilities within a rural setting.

The main garden centre hall was designed as a planted green domed roof structure that flowed down to the eaves where it met planted and contoured embankments giving and almost continuous organic form to the external appearance.

The marinas were designed to be accessed from the Lancaster Canal. This required careful planning and collaboration with the canals regulating authority British Waterways.

The car parking was designed as series of narrow terraces in part to respond to the sites topography but also to provide areas for planting and to give articulation to the large dedicated to visitor parking.

TRP undertook environmental and flood risk assessments to support the planning application together with normal civil and structural engineering services associated with buildings and infrastructure.